Recently, I can’t stop thinking about the importance of investing in our homes.  Normally, I’d be referring to financial investments (home renovations, etc), but today I’m thinking of something bigger than that!

Last week, I was with a newly married couple as they walked the empty rooms of their soon-to-be first home. I wish you could’ve heard them dreaming of the conversations, laughter and peace that would soon fill that space. In that moment, I was reminded that we do not stumble upon a happy, healthy home. Instead, its curated from countless small, intentional decisions we make throughout each and every day.

I’ve been getting curious about ways I can become more intentional in my own life. Here are a few things I’m finding impactful:

1. Journal in the morning.

Journaling a few minutes each morning has helped me to become more aware of any angst I’m dragging into a new day. Also, when I reflect back on previous entries, I see how I might’ve lacked perspective in a moment and it gives me a fuller perspective for the day ahead.


2. Connect with something greater than yourself.

Whatever your spiritual beliefs may be, studies show that connecting to a higher power is correlated with peace and happiness. Whether you choose to open your Bible, pray, or take a morning walk… find a way to step outside of your thoughts and to allow something greater speak into those places in your heart and mind.


3. Talk to a friend or family member every day.

We are created for community.  I think, to a degree, we’ve all forgotten that social distancing does not mean relational distancing.. Go for a walk with someone, invite a friend over for a backyard hang, or even just make a phone call (texts don’t count haha)! I have found that, even when I don’t feel like it, talking to loved ones just makes me feel better.


4. Do the hard things.

Dishes, sweeping, laundry, taking out the trash.. ?  I’m definitely not great about ‘doing the hard things’, but the times I’ve gotten after it I feel better in the end.  Pumping my favorite album as loud as possible usually helps. 🙂

Now, I invite you to ask yourself the same question: What’s the hope and vision for my home, and what am I doing to promote that?  I’d love to hear your thoughts and things you’d add to the list!

Grace and peace, my friends.


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